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90 W County Road C
Suite 300
St. Paul, Minnesota 55117 651-487-3001 Office
651-789-6606 Fax
Karen Edmonson MALP, LICSW, LADC, CCMEP Founder and Sales Director
651-789-3717 Direct
651-487-5000 Mobile
Norm Skog
Founder and President

Erin Collins
Executive Vice President

Sheryl Morgan
Account Manager
651-789-3730 Direct
Tracy Sandstrom
Account Manager
651-789-3719 Direct
Blia Xiong
Account Manager
651-789-3722 Direct
Iver Skog
Vice President

Justin Kaiser
Account Manager
651-789-3720 Direct
Byron Turner
M.Ed. Account Manager
651-789-3721 Direct