Amedco - Quiz

2018 November JPGN


A   - Situs abnormality
B   - Evidence of prior intra-abdominal surgery
C   - Bony lesion
D   - Catheters/devices
E   - Bowel gas pattern

A   - Decreased cell proliferation
B   - Increased cell proliferation and longer life span
C   - Smaller size
D   - Decreased cooperation

A   - Neonates have an increased incidence of clinically significant stool burden
B   - Scout abdominal radiographs may alter the type of fluoroscopy study performed depending on the presence and level of bowel obstruction
C   - Inpatient neonates generally have more incidental radiographic findings
D   - Neonates are less likely to have an abnormal Upper GI examination

A   - Increased examination and interpretation time
B   - Increased radiation dose
C   - Increased false positive examination findings
D   - Decreased examination cost

A   - Using the last image hold function
B   - Performing a scout radiograph at the termination of examination
C   - Substituting the scout radiograph with an abdominal ultrasound
D   - Omitting the scout radiograph altogether
E   - A & D