Amedco - Quiz

September 2018 JPGN


A   - Subclavian site placement significantly increases the risk of complications compared to jugular or femoral sites
B   - In children, femoral site placement increases the risk of catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSI)
C   - Surgical cut-down technique should be recommended because it increases the insertion success rate
D   - Ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance decreases the number of venipuncture attempts

A   - Outside the pericardial sac
B   - The atrio-caval junction
C   - The upper portion of the right atrium
D   - As in adults, all three positions are correct

A   - Should always be covered
B   - Transparent polyurethane dressings should be used because it significantly increases the risk of infections
C   - 2% chlorhexidine solution in 70% isopropyl alcohol should be used for skin care around the CVC insertion site
D   - Topical antibiotic for the treatment of insertion site are recommended

A   - Ethanol line locks can be used for their prevention
B   - Taurolidine line locks can be used for their prevention
C   - A combination of systemic antibiotics and culture-guided lock therapy is superior to systemic antibiotics alone in selected patients for the treatment of CRBSI
D   - All of the above