Amedco - Quiz

December JPGN Articles


A   - IL-6, TNF-alpha, and CRP
B   - HDL Cholesterol
C   - Fasting Blood Glucose
D   - A combination of the above

A   - Weight Loss
B   - Increased Hunger Cues
C   - Increased Height
D   - Both A and D are correct

A   - Adipose tissue hypertrophy
B   - Adipose tissue metabolic disruption
C   - Adipose tissue inflammation
D   - Adipose tissue hypoxia and death

A   - Adipose tissue distribution
B   - zBMI
C   - Waist to hip ratio

A   - C-peptide, Insulin
B   - Ghrelin, Glucagon
C   - Leptin
D   - MCP-1, TNF-a

A   - Routine iron supplementation
B   - Food fortification
C   - Avoiding cow's milk in the diet of infants in first year of life

A   - Boys than girls
B   - More educated mothers
C   - In children aged 1.5-3 y than in children aged 3-6 y

A   - A trend of reducing poultry consumption
B   - Reduced soy based protein consumption
C   - A trend of reducing red meat consumption
D   - Reducing iron supplementation in raising cattle for meat

A   - Drinking tea may decrease the risk for iron deficiency anemia
B   - The absorption of non-heme iron is increased by ascorbic acid
C   - Dietary iron bioavailability is low in populations consuming plant-based diets
D   - The absorption of non-heme iron is inhibited by phytates