Amedco - Quiz

August 2017 JPGN


A   - Odds ratio
B   - Point prevalence
C   - Risk ratio
D   - Attributable risk

A   - Compliance/adherence bias
B   - Protopathic bias
C   - Intention-to-treat bias
D   - Selection bias

A   - Ensure virtually complete ascertainment of PPI exposure status in the infant population
B   - Avoid residual confounding
C   - Eliminate problems associated with loss to follow-up during the one year study period
D   - Increase patient compliance

A   - Confounding of the association between PPI use and GERD
B   - Underestimation of the prevalence of PPI use
C   - Overestimation of the prevalence of PPI use
D   - Overestimation of PPI treatment adherence

A   - Lack of internal validity
B   - Lack of external validity
C   - Perpetuation of an ecological fallacy
D   - An exaggerated Hawthorne Effect