Amedco - Quiz

June 2013 JPGN Articles


A   - Surgical manipulations
B   - Intrinsic nerve developmental abnormalities

A   - GERD
B   - Fundoplication dysfunction
C   - All of the above

A   - Esophageal motility is normal in most patients
B   - Esophageal motility pattern was the same for all patients
C   - Upper esophageal sphincter relaxation is normal in most patients
D   - Lower esophageal sphincter basal pressure is high in most patients

A   - Symptoms correlated with the severity of esophageal dysmotility
B   - GERD symptoms were the most frequent GI complaints
C   - Change in alimentary habits were not frequently encountered
D   - Asymptomatic patients were found in all 3 types of EA motility patterns

A   - Bloating / flatulence / diarrhea
B   - Blood in stool
C   - Nausea
D   - Fever

A   - 45 ml
B   - 225 ml
C   - 90 ml

A   - American Association of Blood Banks
B   - Infectious disease department

A   - Majority of patients had clinical remission with FMT
B   - Patients with severe disease were also included in the study
C   - Majority of patients had clinical response with FMT