Amedco - Quiz

March 2013 JPGN Articles


A   - Cytomegalovirus infection
B   - Leukopenia
C   - Malignancy
D   - Hepatitis

A   - Levels can predict risk for pancreatitis
B   - Values of 230 -400 pmole/RBC are associated with an 85% chance of successful treatment with a thiopurine
C   - These are the only way to check drug adherence
D   - Levels correlate with leukopenia
E   - Levels can predict risk of hepatitis

A   - Elevated creatinine
B   - High 6-MMP and 6-TGN levels
C   - High 6-MMP and low 6-TGN levels
D   - High white blood cell count
E   - Low aminotransferases

A   - Heartburn/retrosternal chest pain
B   - Dysphagia in an male patient with atopy
C   - History of recurrent food impaction

A   - Linear furrowing
B   - Trachealization/multiple rings
C   - White papules
D   - Narrow esophagus