Amedco - Quiz

SLIDE SET: Proton Pump Inhibitors: To Use or Not to Use...That is the question!


A   - Six weeks
B   - Two months
C   - Four months
D   - Eight months

A   - Abnormal esophageal motility with poor acid clearance
B   - Hiatal hernia
C   - Esophageal cancer
D   - All of the above

A   - True
B   - False

A   - Anemia
B   - C. difficile infection
C   - Constipation
D   - Hip fractures

A   - Typical symptoms associated with GERD, including heartburn and abdominal pain
B   - No response to treatment with PPI
C   - Evidence of abnormal acid reflux on pH/multi-channel impedence testing
D   - A and C