Amedco - Quiz

NASPGHAN - January 2013 JPGN - Training Guidelines


A   - 12 Months
B   - 15 Months
C   - 18 Months
D   - 24 Months

A   - At least 18 months must be devoted to scholarship
B   - A peer-reviewed research grant proposal or manuscript reporting original research is required
C   - Oversight should be provided by a committee, including the mentor

A   - As additional clinical training within the context of a three year fellowship
B   - As an additional year of fellowship after graduation
C   - As mentored post-fellowship training
D   - All of the above

A   - Problem-based learning
B   - Professionalism
C   - Medical knowledge
D   - Systems-based practice

A   - Reassure him that what is important for fellowship training is that he has completed the recommended number of procedures
B   - Arrange for a competency assessment and additional experience to address any identified deficits
C   - Reassure him by stating that individuals really only learn to do colonoscopy after completion of fellowship
D   - Arrange for him to do an additional 30 procedures before graduation