Amedco - Quiz

Results of the Randomised Phase III PACE B trial, comparing standard fractionation and stereotactic body radiotherapy


A   - 87%
B   - 97%
C   - 85%
D   - 94%

A   - Overall survival and commencement of ADT
B   - Acute toxicity and prostate cancer specific survival
C   - Biochemical and clinical progression free survival
D   - Biochemical and overall survival

A   - Strongly recommended
B   - Suggested
C   - Not recommended
D   - None of the above

A   - Over 60% of patients treated
B   - Over 70% of patients treated
C   - Over 80% of patients treated
D   - Over 90% of patients treated

A   - Was significantly worse than the toxicity of standard fractionation
B   - Was about the same as the toxicity of standard fractionation
C   - Was significantly better than the toxicity of standard fractionation
D   - GI toxicity was more commonly seen than GU toxicity.