Amedco - Quiz

SRS Without the Bunker


A   - 60Co source and real-time dosimetry monitoring
B   - Self-shielding (so no treatment bunker is required) and real-time dosimetry monitoring
C   - Articulated robotic system and X-band linac
D   - 60Co source and MRI-guidance

A   - 3 MV S-band linac
B   - 60Co source
C   - 1500 MU/min nominal dose rate
D   - 45 cm source-to-axis (SAD) distance
E   - A, C, D
F   - All of the above

A   - Intracranial only
B   - Intracranial, limited C-spine (above C5)
C   - Intracranial, extracranial (no restrictions)
D   - None of the above

A   - 8 conical collimators embedded within a tungsten-shielded collimator carousel
B   - High-definition multi-leaf collimator system
C   - Removable helmet-based collimation system
D   - Iris collimator system

A   - Inverse planning, “shot-packing” approach
B   - Forward planning, “shot-packing” approach
C   - Inverse planning, arc therapy
D   - None of the above