Amedco - Quiz

Podcast Series:Enteral Nutrition as Primary Therapy for Crohn's Disease - Making it happen for pediatric patients


A   - A minimum of 3 weeks and up to 6 weeks
B   - A minimum of 12 weeks and beyond as much as tolerated
C   - A minimum of 8 weeks with a longer course of 12 weeks in certain settings
D   - Period is determined based on improvement in clinical and biochemical parameters

A   - Elemental
B   - Semielemental
C   - Polymeric
D   - Outcome results are similar for all formula types

A   - Enteral nutrition via NG overnight with normal diet during day time
B   - Short periods of exclusive NG elemental formula every few months
C   - Oral supplementation throughout the day in addition to a normal diet
D   - All of the above

A   - Once the calorie and volume are fixed based on estimated needs and should not be varied based on child’s complaint of hunger
B   - Taste fatigue may be overcome by NG feeds including overnight administration
C   - Thirst may be mitigated by increasing intake of clear liquids
D   - Chewing gum or candy may be allowed as an option

A   - The patient and family meeting with a social worker or school teacher
B   - Having a nurse who works with IBD children in the clinic meet with school nurses and teachers
C   - Discussing potential problems encountered during active sports participation and discussing and establishing possible interventions beforehand
D   - All of the above